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IG Magnify is known for providing its safe, secure, and best services. You might are using Instagram for entertainment purposes, but we are expanding this scope. IG Magnify helps its users view Instagram posts, videos, and stories of the private accounts they are not following on Instagram. This way, you can check what your children are posting on their private Instagram accounts. Check private accounts secretly. It is also helpful for people interested in photographs and videos of some people rather than following them or sending them friend requests to the accounts whose profiles are private. We keep you anonymous!

We at IG Magnify are known for the best Instagram services. With us, all private Instagram accounts are viewable. There is no need to connect your Instagram account, also you don’t have to send the follow request. You can see what they are posting without letting them know. Using IG Magnify, you may view private Instagram profiles, and see their stories and videos anonymously.

Customer Reviews


I was doubtful at first when I heard about the services of IG Magnify, but it is really helpful. I wanted to check what actually my children are posting on Instagram, and with IG Magnify I can do so without letting them know.

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Michael W. Kirwan CEO & founder

I was very nervous about what my girlfriend is posting on Instagram after she unfollowed me. IG Magnify helped me then in sorting my doubts and everything. If you are also living in doubt and want to see somebody’s Instagram without letting them know, then use IG Magnify.

testimonial author
Eugene S. Smith Senior Manager

You can absolutely trust this IG Magnify for checking out profiles anonymously. You don’t need to follow them anymore to see what are they posting. It is easy to use, fast and secure app.

testimonial author
Ronald A. Kawakami Web Developer
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