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The purpose of this privacy notice (the "Notice") is to make it clear to you how the IG magnify website, which can be found at

In addition to a full text version that is legally binding, we also wrote section summaries that should help make the legalese sound more comprehensible. Before using the IG Magnify website or service for the first time, you must read this privacy notice and agree to its terms. Since this Notice is a component of the Terms of Service, we ask that you read them carefully.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

Quick Summary of our Privacy Policy:

What information is gathered in connection with the Site and the Service is described in this notice.

Additionally, it describes how we utilize, preserve, and safeguard that data. In other words, we must process some of your data in order for you to utilize our site or use our service. If we need to use your data for anything other than providing you with access to our site and services, we will always get your permission before doing so. We won't divulge your information to third parties for their advertising needs. Your rights with connection to your personal data are finally explained.

Your data will be collected primarily for the purpose of providing services and other reasons such as:

  • Customer service
  • Correspondence from IG Magnify
  • Legal duties are met
  • Research and development.

1. Who are we?

Our contact details:


Data protection legal inquiries:

2. What this Privacy Notice governs?

The types of information we gather when you use our site and the services offered are described in this privacy notice. This agreement is applicable everywhere in the world when the IG Magnify site and service are used.

2.1. This Privacy Notice is applicable to all areas of the Services we provide to you, including our Site, customer and technical support, billing, and other areas (hereinafter, the term "Service" will refer to all of these elements).

2.2. The Privacy Notice applies to any personal information we may get about you while you are using the Service. Data that can be used to identify you, either alone or in conjunction with other data, is referred to as "personal data."

2.3. We respect your right to privacy and will only process personal data in the EU and other nations where we provide our site and service in compliance with applicable law.

3. How do we treat minors?

Persons under the age of 18 are not intended for our website or services. Only after receiving parental authorization can we begin processing a child's data.

3.1. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use igmagnify’s services. Without prior parental approval, we do not know and will never knowingly collect personal information from any child under the age of 18.

Please email if you are a parent or legal guardian and have concerns regarding your child's personal information.

If we learn that a child has given us personal information without their parent's permission, we take measures to delete that information and close the child's account.

4. How do we gather data?

We gather information about you and your activities when you use our service. We separate the information we get into two categories: information you provide us and information we automatically gather when you use the site.

The information in this part is required for us to operate and keep up our Service.

4.1. Information you give us. These facts consist of:

User Account: When you create or update an IG Magnify account, we gather information about you. Name in full and email address are included.

Billing details: complete address, zip code, city, country, and phone number (optional). Credit card numbers for the payment method and expiration date.

4.2. Data has gathered automatically when using the app.

Location data: We may get location data using GPS, IP address, and Wi-Fi, depending on your device and permissions.

Device information: We automatically record data about your device's Internet connection, the amount of time spent on the Site, and the pages accessed during each visit to the Site in "log files."

Usage information: We may compile information regarding your use of our service. This includes traffic information, site features, pages viewed, and statistical data about when and how you use the service.

5. How are data obtained?

When you use our service, we learn information about you and your activities. We divide the data we receive into two categories: data you provide us and data we automatically collect when you use the site.

For us to maintain and run our Service, the data in this section is necessary.

Development and Research.

Create and maintain your Account; Make our Site and Service available to you; and Have Your Identity Verified.

5.1. Give you access to our service. We gather the information so that we can give you a tailored experience. To maintain and enhance our Service, as well. This includes employing the information to:

Create and manage your Account; Make our Site and Service available to you; Perform tasks on the Site that are required to deliver our Service, such as resolving operational and software issues, doing data analysis, testing, and research, and monitoring and analyzing usage patterns;

Establish your identity.

5.2. Security and safety To help maintain the security and reliability of our Service, we use the data. This includes doing the following with data:

Identify, stop, and fight fraud.

Customer service (5.3). We employ the information we gather to offer you customer support services. This includes doing the following with data:

Respond to your inquiries.

Assist in resolving issues with our Service.

Keep an eye on and enhance client service.

5.4. Glassagram communications To contact you regarding our service, we might use the contact data we gather.

5.5. Complying with legal requirements In order to fulfill our legal duties, we collect your data. Additionally, we may use the information we gather about you to look into or resolve complaints or disputes involving the use of the IG Magnify site and services, as permitted by law, or in response to requests from authorities.

5.6. Development and research We may utilize the information we gather for testing, analysis, research, and general product and service development. Additionally, it enables us to create new services and improve safety and security.

6. How do we distribute and share data?

In the event of any type of company transfer, we may share your data. 6.1. Contractual performance To give you the service and features you request, we must process your data. To use our site and service, you must agree to the collection and use of this data.

A contract must be performed in order to:

The information you submit while creating your IG Magnify account is required for creating and maintaining the account. Additionally, it is required to offer your customer support.

Payment and billing information is necessary for identity verification and billing purposes. 6.2. Adherence to legal requirements. We must abide by the rules of the countries where we operate in order to offer our Services and features legally.

We must gather, process, disclose, and keep your personal data because of legal responsibilities. To the extent that they relate to your use of the IG Magnify website and Service, we utilize your data to comply with legal requirements.

If a third party requests that we release your data in connection with a legal proceeding or if we get a request from law enforcement, we may share your data.

Our rightful interest To the degree required for our legitimate purposes, we gather and use personal information. This comprises:

To stop, catch, and fight fraud related to the usage of our service.

For statistics on the involvement of user areas, we use location data.

To enhance existing services and create new ones.

To do our analysis and study. We might analyze data, for instance, to enhance user experience as well as the security and safety of our service.

To impose the terms of our services.

Your Agreement. Your consent may be the basis for our collection of your data. Remember that you always have the option to revoke your consent.

7. How are your data handled by us?

Your information will be kept on safe servers within the European Economic Area (EEA). We make every attempt to protect and securely store your data.

In general, we retain your data for the duration of your use of our service. We may continue to use some limited information about you for legal, accounting, and tax purposes even if you cease using our Service.

To secure the data that we process, we have implemented security hardware, software, and network scanning methods. Personnel cannot access personal data that is protected by firewalls. We securely store all of our users' personal information. We employ the symmetric-key technique and the asymmetric public-private key crypto system. Devices transmit data via the encrypted HTTPS protocol. We immediately begin the data encryption procedure. The IG Magnigy servers save the encrypted data.

7.1 Business Transfers:

We will not sell your personal information to any business or organization, but we may transfer it to a successor entity in the event of a merger, consolidation, or other corporate reorganization in which we may be involved, as well as to a buyer or acquirer of all or a significant portion of the assets of IG Magnify to which this application relates. In this situation, we will give you advance notice before your personal information is transferred and is subject to a new Privacy Notice.

7.2. With vendors and business associates.

We collaborate with third-party vendors and service providers who employ encryption and authentication to preserve the privacy of your personal information. We shall enter into data protection agreements with our partners if we exchange data with them. For instance, this comprises:

  • cloud storage companies
  • partners in marketing.
  • Consultants, attorneys, and other experts in their fields.
  • Cloud storage companies
  • partners in marketing.
  • Consultants, attorneys, and other experts in their fields.

7.3. For legal considerations

see If necessary to comply with any applicable legislation, regulation, operational agreement, court order, or governmental request, or if the disclosure is otherwise justified owing to a concern for safety or another comparable issue, we may release your data. This comprises:

Revealing your information to government and law enforcement officials.

7.4 With your permission

Your personal information may be shared and/or disclosed with other professional service providers.

8 Do we make use of cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information holding details about the user that is saved to the user's hard disc. To run our website, we use some cookies.

8.1. In general, cookies do not provide us the ability to personally identify you. Your preferences are typically saved using session cookies, which expire when your browser is closed. Typically, cookies are used for analytical purposes.

Here is information on how to manage cookies if you choose to. For instance, you can decide to disable all cookies. On each browser and device you use, you can adjust this through the options menu. Although every browser is a little different, these options are typically found in the "options" or "preferences" menu.

9 How are your data handled by us?

Your information will be kept on safe servers within the European Economic Area (EEA). We make every attempt to protect and securely store your data.

In general, we retain your data for the duration of your use of our service. We may continue to use some limited information about you for legal, accounting, and tax purposes even if you cease using our Service.

9.1. Data Storage

The information we gather from you will be kept on safe servers located in the European Economic Area. There is a 90-day storage cap on your data. Some of your older data will be lost after the first 90 days. If you need to update your storage plan, so you can keep data for longer, email We put in place the necessary organizational and technical safeguards to safeguard your data against improper or unauthorized processing, accidental loss, deletion, or damage. To guarantee that your data is handled securely and in compliance with this Privacy Notice, we shall take all reasonably required measures. Please immediately notify us in writing if you have any cause to suspect that your interaction with us is no longer secure.

9.2. How your data is handled by us?

All downloaded data will be erased from your device within 1 (one) month if your Account expires.

You may also locate the delete button in the Account settings. Within 30 days or sooner, all remnants of your Account will be erased from our live servers, systems, and backups. On the subsequent backup, deleted data will be completely erased from our systems and rendered inaccessible.

Extended storage periods are applicable in several unique circumstances, such as:

We must keep your information for as long as necessary to satisfy our legal, tax, audit, and/or accounting obligations. In such circumstances, we will keep the pertinent data for the time frame mandated by applicable legislation.

9.3. Data Security

To protect the personal information we process and maintain, we offer industry-standard physical, technological, and procedural measures.

9.4 Data encryption:

We securely store all of our users' personal information. We employ the 4096-bit RSA asymmetric public-private key crypto system (abbreviated "RSA") and the 256-bit AES symmetric-key method (abbreviated "AES"). System of asymmetric public-private key encryption Public encryption keys and private decryption keys are used by RSA. The database stores the public encryption key in an accessible manner. The database's secret decryption key is kept encrypted using an AES key. A secret key and a user password make up AES. Without a secret key and a user password, it cannot be decrypted.

The database contains user credentials. We don't keep user passwords on file. Only the password's hash is kept on file. The md5 hash function uses user passwords to create the hash. During user registration, we establish a public-private key pair for the RSA cryptosystem. Each user's public-private key pair is distinct. The database stores the key pair using AES. To decrypt the original private key, we use the user password from the login form. Devices transmit data via the encrypted HTTPS protocol. Without first saving the encrypted data on the server's discs, we instantly begin the encryption process. We use the user's public encryption key to use RSA to encrypt data. The IG Magnify servers save the encrypted data.

10. Will your data be transferred?

Your data may need to be processed outside the nation where you currently reside. We take precautions to safeguard data transfers.

10.1 Outside the EEA transfers.

Due to the global reach of the IG Magnify Service, we might occasionally need to send your data outside the EEA. We will take all necessary precautions to protect your data when transferring it outside the EEA, including:

Typical contract provisions that the European Commission has adopted.

11. What are your options and rights?

You have particular rights under this Privacy Notice because you have control over the data you give us.

Additionally, you can control your data by:

Account preferences.

11.1 Your rights

If you give us your personal information, you are free to use your authority and assert any of the rights listed in this section. You can always email if you have any further inquiries. And we'll do everything we can to help you.

11.1.1. Access is

You have the right to ask us to explain how we use your personal information. You can also ask for a copy of the personal data that is being processed about you.

11.1.2 Rectification

Any erroneous information about you can be corrected or rectified.

11.1.3 Data portability,

or You have the right to access to the personal information about you that you gave us. You can ask for this data to be transferred in a structured, well-known, and machine-readable format directly to another data controller. When technically possible, we shall send your data straight to another controller.


You have the right to be forgotten, in which case we shall remove any of the personal information that you have given us. Please note that we reserve the right to preserve certain information as required by law and for properly allowed business needs.

11.1.5 Restrict processing

You can ask us to stop processing all or some of your personal data, either temporarily or permanently.

11.1.6 Object processing,

You always have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for reasons specific to your case. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information for direct marketing.

11.1.7. File grievances.

In regard to how your personal data is used on the IG Magnify site, you have the right to complain to a supervisory body.

11.1.8. To not be susceptible to computerized judgment.

You have the right to be free from decisions made exclusively by automated means, such as profiling when those decisions will affect you legally or have a similar effect.

12. How can this notification be updated?

We may occasionally update this Privacy Notice. We advise you to examine our Privacy Notice on a regular basis.

12.1 This Notice may be updated sometimes.

For legal reasons or to reflect changes to our Service, we may need to update it. If we do, the new Privacy Notice will be made accessible in our application. We'll also change the "Last Updated" date. If we make any significant changes, we'll email you to let you know. We firmly advise you to regularly check this Privacy Notice for any updates. If you don't agree with our amended data protection practices in this situation, you will always have the option to stop using our service. Additionally, we will provide you with access to earlier copies of our privacy notices, so you may see what changes have been made.